The Halifax ABC club is a not for profit making club run by volunteers. Situated in a highly deprived area it is the only club of its kind in Halifax. Most of our members are children or adolescents. Ongoing costs including rent, rates insurance etc are paid for through subscriptions, these are kept low to ensure the facilities are available to all.

The majority of our members use the club as a way of improving their fitness, appearance and health rather than a wish to compete. For those who wish there is the prospect of ABA competition. Within our first full season one of our boxers Liam Walsh became a Senior Novice Finalist.

Sponsorship from local business would be greatly appreciated. Please read more about sponsorship so far, view the other pages of our site, come along to the club or discuss with one of our coaches via the ‘Contact Us‘ section on an informal basis if you feel you may be able to help.

Please Help Us

If you have an interest in sport or the well being of young people please consider if you may be able to help or sponsor us in some way.

In return we would hope to generate a feeling of involvement leading perhaps to visiting one of our shows or following the clubs progress via the website.

Any contributions would of course be included on our website or in the club as you wish.

Thank You

The committee of the Halifax ABC club would like to thank everyone involved in ensuring the last twelve months had been so successful. Particular thanks go to all our sponsors for their support and investment in the local community. More details are available in the ‘Sponsors Section’, which is available to view in the club.