Core StrengthOur training is based upon that used by boxers including aerobic and weight bearing components together with movements to improve flexibility and coordination. Particular attention is given to improving core strength. The results are impressive in terms of improved fitness and appearance and can also act as a stress relief. An article in the Daily Mail on 23/10/06 where celebrity trainer Nik Cook compares six popular exercise classes on five criteria scored boxing training as clearly the best with particularly high scores for calories burned, cardiovascular fitness, and stress relief.

The majority of people attending the club do so as a way of improving their fitness and appearance. There is no pressure to be involved in full sparring or competition unless you wish to do so. Sessions for competition standard boxers are separate. However several members have gone on to compete with great success. Within our first eighteen months our boxers won approximately 2/3 of their bouts. Boxer Liam Walsh became a Yorkshire Senior Novice Finalist at his first attempt.

Boxing Facilitates

Boxing FacilitiesOur club is located in Ladyship Mills in Halifax an atmospheric classic Yorkshire Stone mill building. The main area is of sports hall size with a running track on the periphery. In addition there is a separate changing area individual lockers and toilets with a dining and relaxation area due shortly. ABA approved head guards and gloves are also available. In August 2007, a £4000 lottery grant for a second ring and additional fixed equipment should arrive. The trainers and club are ABA approved. Our record of wins as above speaks for itself.

Why Not Come Along

If you would like to become fitter, slimmer, better coordinated or strive to achieve that toned look with glowing skin we are sure one of our classes will help. Keeping active is also a great way of reducing your chance of Cancer, Heart Disease or Diabetes along with other health benefits. Remember the old motto “Use It Or Loose It”. Boxing training is also a good form of self-defence training should you be unlucky enough to need to use it.

Sports Clubs

RugbyDuring the winter of 2006/2007 several rugby clubs used our methods and facilities for training to good effect. If you feel our training methods or premises may be of help to your team then please ‘Contact Us‘ as we would be happy to discuss times and rates with you.

Within the next couple of years we hope to further improve the standard of facilities and range of activities available. One of our trainers is a superb local cyclist and winner of many competitions, he is keen to set up a Spinning class when we can afford the cycles and training required. An area for Pool and Weight training is also planned.


Finding Out More

If you would like to find out more please look at the other sections of our website including the ‘Training Times‘, ‘Contact Us‘ and ‘Safety‘ sections or perhaps browse the ‘Gallery‘ section for images.